Building Community around the dogs we love


We are artists, advocates, & volunteers who are committed to improving the lives of Pit Bulls and their people. We provide social media, photo & art services, host community pack walks, facilitate fundraisers, offer owner support, & run a program for community members to walk & spend time with shelter & rescue dogs.


The mission of Blockhead Brigade is to support Pit Bulls and their people through owner support, community outreach, and building relationships between the community and local shelters and rescues. By building community around the dogs we love, we hope to keep dogs healthy, happy, and in their homes. 


Do you have some time or a special skill you'd like to use to help to support blocky headed dogs in need? Turn your compassion into action by joining Blockhead Brigade. We can connect you to Pit Bull rescues & organizations so that you can have a direct impact on improving dogs' lives. Join us! 


Pit Bull *Appreciation* Day! 

October 26th, 2019, 10am-3pm

Marine Stadium, Long Beach


Click here for featured Adoptable blockhead

Blockhead Brigade Community Pack Walk! 

Every Saturday at 9am at Colorado Lagoon, Long Beach


5405 E Village Road

Long Beach, CA 90808

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