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Hi, I’m Evie

Miss Evie Rocket is 1.5 years old, and you would never guess based on her personality that she had a rough start in life, as she is a bubbly, happy, playful, friendly girl. But she did, and it’s part of her story. Evie was attacked by two adult German Shepherds and then abandoned at the shelter, where she was stuck in medical isolation with a huge cast on her arm. The general public couldn’t see her, but luckily, Love Leo Animal Rescue did and they quickly put together a plan to get her out of danger and save her life. Evie has healed well, and proven to have a happy, fun-loving demeanor, and is currently seeking her forever someones. Evie (also known as Little Bits or Little Miss) has never met a stranger, neither dog or human. She literally loves everyone. She gets excited about other dogs and wants to meet and know them immediately. She is sassy, incredibly smart, agile, active (but can also nap and snuggle well), confident, curious, and a little naughty, like a typical pup. Evie can not catch a treat or a ball to save her life, but she is crate and house trained. And although she can be strong on the leash, she’s working on it with her fosters. She will really thrive in a home with another dog to mentor, guide, and play with her, and in a home with structure, who will give her boundaries with rotations of play / exercise time, crate down time, and enrichment (toys, puzzle, treats). Because she can play well with toys (medium chewer) and naps well, she is really quite easy if you provide the structure. If you don’t, she’ll play all day 24 / 7 and just run amuck. Evie could be great at agility when she’s older, as that would feed her need for physical and mental stimulation. But, she could also just go for a nice, long walk and maybe have a monitored play session followed by a nap. She may be a good candidate for a therapy dog when she gets through her puppy stage. Evie knows some basics commands, and is a great candidate for group training classes. She has a delicate stature, about 50 lbs, and has a gorgeous brindle blue and tan coat with white markings, stunning light jade-green eyes, and the cutest, perkiest ears that telegraph her mood (they usually read curious or ready to play). Evie is such a sweet girl with people, and makes everyone smile with her light-spirited personality. She can play a bit rough with her home dogs, so it’s important for her to be guided by her humans and canine siblings. Evie is really a wonderful girl and she is impossible not to love!





Rescue, Location

Pit Bull mix 


1.5 years

Gray (blue), Tan, & White 

Love Leo Animal Rescue, Santa Monica & Long Beach

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