Pose With Your Pittie Photo Contest

For Pit Bull *Appreciation* Day

Oct 26, 2019 at Marine Stadium in Long Beach


Thanks to all who sent in their 2019 photo submissions! 

See you next year!

Check Out Our 2019 Contest Submissions Below!

Check Out Our 2018 Contest Winners Below!

First Place! Briana & Blu!
First Place Tie! Brandon & Perri!
Second! Nadene & Blueberry Poptart
Tied for Second! Katherine & Sydney!
Third Place! Myra & CGC Bailey!
Tied for Third! Jenny & Finnick!
Runners Up! Curly n Mags Corner!
"Squints and Ham Porter from Sandlot," by Curly n Mags Corner
Runners Up! Jess & Roo!
Runner Up Barb, Buddy, Vinny & Rocco
Runners Up: Nichole & Moose!
Nichole Sakellarion & Moose in Mineral King after a long hike up.
Runners Up! Sheryl & Tuxie
Runners Up: Jose & Dolce.etc
Runners Up: Barbara & Django
Runners Up! Shelby & Raiden
Runners Up! Noemi & Selene
Runners Up! Janet's family
Runners Up! ACPB Alum Sally & family
Runners Up! Helia & Nea
And: Faith, The Surfing Pit Bull!
Runners Up! Fanny & Mae
Runners Up! ACPB Alum Jonah & family
Runners up! Lillian & Rusty
Runners UP! Yazmin, Lady, 7 Zeus
Runners Up! Jen & pup
Runners up! Richard & Goldie
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