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PITTY PAWFESSORS is an incredible humane education organization that teaches kindness, caring, respect, compassion, empathy, trust, and responsibility to kids.Our very own Ginger is one of their pawfessors. 


is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Long Beach CA dedicated to reducing the homeless dog population. They are the largest and most active dog rescues in Long Beach, and they save TONS of lives..


I PITTY THE BULL is a rescue and advocacy organization dedicated to providing education about responsible pet ownership, the benefits of spay and neuter and improving communication between dog and human. They save lives and create good will throughout the rescue community and beyond. We adore them.



is an all volunteer run 501C3 nonprofit organization that believes in second chances for both dogs and people. We rescue dogs and provide services for low income pet owners in under served communities in Los Angeles County. They are amazing!

HEART L.A. helps people & their companion animals remain housed in a safe and healthy environment. They help provide housing and legal resources, eviction prevention and defense, and policy & advocacy work. They have updates about COVID-19 housing issues on their website.

OUTTA THE CAGE ​is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and dog rescue that focuses on "at-risk" dog. They not only pull dogs out of the shelter themselves, they video tape and network them in their communities and on social media, having an even bigger impact on lifesaving efforts. They are incredible!

HEAVENLY CREATURES PHOTOGRAPHY believes that every creature on this planet and beyond has the right to be treated with empathy, kindness and respect, especially the undesired, the helpless and the abused. Through the eye of the camera, the innate beauty and nobility of these gentle souls is revealed.


The mission of PITBULL ADVOCATES OF AMERICA is to unite communities by reducing misconceptions surrounding dogs perceived as pit bulls through compassion and science-based knowledge through advocacy, owner support and rescue. They have a podcast that you can link to through their website. Click on the logo above.


ANGEL CITY PIT BULLS is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to creating a better future for pit bulls through education, public advocacy, adoptions, and owner support. They were founded to address the problem of overpopulation and high euthanasia rate of pit bull terrier type dogs in Los Angeles shelters. They are a foster-based only program.


BADRAP was formed to tackle the difficult issues that had been bringing suffering and early death to San Francisco bay area pit bull type dogs. We soon developed into a nationally recognized resource for both dog owners and shelters, offering desirable pets for adopters, training classes for dog owners and presentations and professional consultations to animal welfare leaders around the country. 


ANIMAL FARM FOUNDATION is an advocacy organization committed to ending breed discrimination, using scientific studies and grass roots work. Their "All Dogs Are Individuals" study and graphics are essential to our own advocacy, and offer a scientific perspective on the folly of using breed to determine behavior. Click on the image above to check them out. Be sure to bookmark them!

MICHELSON FOUND ANIMALS has had an immeasurable impact on pet parents. ​​This non-profit champions pets at every point they intersect with our society, with a focus on supporting the people who care for the animals. Free microchip program, a housing initiative, and other varied support programs make this one of our favorite organizations out there. Click on the image above to be directed to their website.

NATIONAL CANINE RESEARCH COUNCIL is a non-profit canine behavior science and policy think tank that conducts and disseminates academically rigorous research that studies dogs in the context of human society. They advocate innovative and practical canine policy that is based on empirically-verified data, on research that embodies the principle that dogs must be considered in relation to humans, and that removes barriers to safe and humane pet ownership.

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