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Our no-contact community pack walks respect you and your dog’s need for space, help dogs learn to be calm around others and create an opportunity for us to meet and support each other. Walks among others can satisfy our dog’s physical & mental needs and often lead to a long nap afterwards. Please sign release to participate. Thank you!

Please sign release to attend our pack walks:

The power of our no-contact pack walk is a pretty great thing. It can help nervous, insecure or overexcited dogs become calmer on leash around others. They wear out your dog both physically and mentally to help them sleep more soundly afterwards. And they help socialize your dog (in a no-contact kind of way), build their confidence and strengthen your relationship with them. They can be magic like that.

Some of our dogs are scared. Some are shy. Some are reactive. Some are friendly, but learning how to be calm around others. We maintain these rules on our walks: a minimum of ten feet from others (unless dogs are together), one dog per handler, a six-foot or shorter leash (no retractables, please) and NO dog intros. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep their dogs safe and safely under control. If you can follow our rules, you are welcome to join us. Please feel free to use a muzzle if your dog would benefit from it. If you’re not sure if your dog would do well at a pack walk, please message us for more information. 

See you soon!

Pack Walk Schedule

Blockhead Brigade Pack Walks 

• Every Saturday at 9 am at Colorado Lagoon. Meet at the corners of Orlena & Vermont

• Every4th Wednesday evening of the month at 6:30 pm at LBX on the corner of Worsham & McGowan

• Every 2nd Wednesday evening of the month at 6:30 pm in rotating locations announced on Instagram

• Once a month on Sunday at 9 am in Costa Mesa Pack Walk at Talbert Nature Preserve, starting at Nudae Coffee,1125 Victoria Street 

Check our social media page for pack walk updates here

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