Our Goals

We are advocates for dogs and people. Blockhead Brigade is a community organization that advocates for Pit Bulls and their families. We host community pack walks, offer free Dog Management Community Workshops, provide social media, photography & art services for shelter & rescue dogs, and provide other resources to Pit Bull families. Our mission at Blockhead Brigade is to support Pit Bulls and their people through outreach, sharing resources, and community building. This mission is driven by a fierce sense of justice and is forever and always rooted in advocacy for dogs AND people. Help us build community around the dogs we love by joining us. Email us at blockheadbrigade@gmail.com. 

Our Culture

We value diversity in all things, except one: we are motivated singularly by Love. Love, first & always. It’s what guides our every move. And though we always prefer to act from a place of Love, we will also stand up to defend the rights of those we love, and those who are vulnerable or at risk. People and animals. 

Our Media



5405 E Village Road

Long Beach, CA 90808