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We seek equity and justice for Pit Bulls and their people and are committed to working towards non-discriminatory housing, policies, and media coverage. We strive to achieve these goals through collaboration and dialogue, outreach, sharing resources, and community building. Our work is rooted in advocacy for dogs AND people. While our advocacy focuses on Pit Bull-type dogs, we do not discriminate in our programs and welcome all breeds, mixes, and snout sizes to utilize our resources. Help us build a community of respect and empathy around the dogs we love by joining us. Email us at


We value diversity in all things, except one: we are motivated singularly by empathy. This imperative and our deep sense of justice guides our actions and is our compass. We always prefer to act from a place of empathy in everything we do, and we will also stand up to defend the rights of those who are vulnerable or at risk, both humans and animals. 


Blockhead Brigade is a community organization and network of diverse individuals who hope to provide a safety net for people and their dogs and a platform for those who want to join us in the service of others. We are advocates, artists, volunteers, and fosters who collaborate with rescues, nonprofits and shelters to amplify messages and provide resources. Blockhead Brigade Advocates is the nonprofit arm of our organization that is in the process of applying for our 501 c3 status.


You can find us on Instagram at @blockheadbrigade and on FB at our Community Pack Walk schedule, go HERE. To see when we will be relaunching our free Urban Dog Management Workshops, go HERE. For a list of our programs, go HERE.


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