Our Goals

To accomplish this, we are building a network of artists, advocates, and volunteers committed to improving the lives of Pit Bulls and their people. We facilitate fundraisers, provide social media, photography & art services, host community pack walks, offer owner support, & run a program for community members to walk & spend time with shelter & rescue dogs. Help us build community around the dogs we love by joining us or contributing to our cause by making a purchase. Email us at blockheadbrigade@gmail.com

Our Home Pack

Blockhead Brigade's home pack is made up of three Pit Bulls: Ginger Violet Parra, Costello, and Johnny, and humans, Laura Vena and James Hager, and various fosters and friends. James is a Physician's Assistant who lends his medical expertise and never-ending cuddles to the team. Laura helped run a Pit Bull rescue before starting Blockhead Brigade. She is also a writer, teacher, translator, artist, and animal activist whose work has appeared in numerous publications. She is the recent winner of the 1913 Press First Book Prize by John Keene for her book, x/she: stardraped. Laura holds an MFA in Creative Writing and Critical Studies from CalArts and is interested in works of a fantastic nature and those that investigate the ethical and aesthetic considerations of representation. Before going back to grad school, she worked in publishing and then, as a manager in the Art Department of Vans. She has been an Editor, Photo Editor, Project Manager, Photographer, and Creative Director. Find her book and events at www.lauravena.com. We are also lucky to have a network of incredible artists, volunteers, and advocates that we partner with and who we also call family. For more information, go to the Other Great Orgs page. Photo courtesy of the exquisitely talented Holly Sigafoos: @hollysigafoosphotography

Our Culture

We value diversity in all things, except one: we are motivated singularly by Love. Love, first & always. It’s what guides our every move. And though we always prefer to act from a place of Love, we will also stand up to defend the rights of those we love, and those who are vulnerable or at risk. People and animals. 

Our Media

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