Building Community around the dogs we love


Blockhead Brigade is a community organization committed to improving the lives of Pit Bulls and their people through community outreach and advocacy. We host Community Pack Walks, advocate for shelter dogs, offer owner support, hold Community Dog Management Workshops,  and provide social media, photo & art services. We are against discrimination in all forms. We are not a rescue.


Our mission at Blockhead Brigade is to support Pit Bulls and their people through outreach, sharing resources, and community building. We are aware that our most vulnerable populations need a safety net. We believe that by building community around the dogs we love, we can best support each other while keeping dogs healthy, happy, and in their homes. We are advocates for dogs and people.


Do you have some time or a special skill? We are an organization that advocates for dogs and people. Our current projects are: fighting housing discrimination, shelter dog advocacy, Community Pack Walks, and Community Dog Management Workshops. Our team is built on respect for all, and we are committed to kindness and inclusion. Join us!



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Dog Management Community Workshops Every Other Saturday 

at 10:15 After Pack Walk

Colorado Lagoon, Long Beach

Blockhead Brigade Community Pack Walk! 

Every Saturday at 9am at Colorado Lagoon, Long Beach


5405 E Village Road

Long Beach, CA 90808