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Every two months at
Colorado Lagoon, Long Beach

Managing Behavior

Practicing Safety

Building Confidence

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The URBAN DOG is a free community-run workshop that provides guidance for people navigating the challenges of living in urban environments with their dogs. The sessions cover basic dog management skills specific to life in highly populated areas and help you become more comfortable guiding your dog through everyday challenges. Our goal is to work on practical skills to help you manage any troubling behavior, advocate for your dog, build your confidence as your dog's handler and practice safety in daily situations.

We start by discussing how to identify the source of your dog's discomfort or "triggers." We then work on basic redirection techniques and how to get and keep your dog's attention, even in the presence of distraction. And lastly, we will practice everyday challenges together, like practicing calm when walking by dogs, people and skateboards, or when going to the vet or having visitors in the home.

The URBAN DOG is not a training class. It is a practical workshop designed to help you develop your ability to safely manage your dog's behavior, and in the process, improve your relationship, making your time at home and out with you dog calmer and more enjoyable. If you need more in-depth or one-on-one help, we can refer you to some amazing local trainers. Help guide your dog through the urban experience by doing our free dog management community workshop. See you there!

the urban dog5.jpg
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