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Community Pack Walks

We are a group of people honoring our dogs’ and each other’s need for space, calm and physically distanced socialization. We walk together at a distance of ten feet, or more if needed, to keep our dogs comfortable and safe. Dogs never meet on our pack walks.


Some of our dogs are scared. Some are shy. Some are reactive. Some are friendly, but learning how to be calm around others. We maintain these rules on our walks: a minimum of ten feet from others (unless dogs are together), one dog per handler, a six-foot or shorter leash (no retractables, please) and NO dog intros. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep their dogs safe and safely under control. If you can follow our rules, you are welcome to join us. Please feel free to use a muzzle if your dog would benefit from it. If you’re not sure if your dog would do well at a pack walk, please message us for more information. 

See you soon!

Pack Walk Schedule

No events at the moment

Pack Walks take place:

Every Saturday at 9 am at Colorado Lagoon. Meet at the corners of Orlena & Vermont


The 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month at 6:30 at LBX on the corner of Worsham & McGowan


On Sundays, there is a community-run walk at 9 am in front of Cheviot Hills Swimming Pool

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