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14" x 16" inch cotton tote bag, Blockhead Brigade: Building Community Around the Dogs We Love. Show your love for Pit Bulls while supporting their rescue! 25% OF PROFITS GO TO PIT BULL RESCUE! The rest of our money goes into Pit Bull advocacy and causes. The mission of Blockhead Brigade is to support Pit Bull Rescues and causes by building a community of support around Pit Bull dogs in need. We host fundraisers, help network, and help provide services like walks or socialization. We are building a network of artists, advocates, organizers, and volunteers who assist and support blocky headed dogs and their people. We are located in Southern California, but we also help rescues remotely with social media, etc. Help us build community around the dogs we love by joining us or contributing to our cause by making a purchase. Email Thank you!

Blockhead Brigade 14" x 16" inch cotton tote bag

SKU: 364215375135191
  • 14" x 16" inch cotton tote bag,

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